Meet The Author


Genella Macintyre, Author

Genella Macintyre is a corporate trainer who lives in Brandon, Manitoba. She is the president of Partners in Discovery Ltd., a company designed to help organizations and individuals improve the quality of personal and professional living. She has a BA from Brandon University and received her MA in applied psychology from the University of Saskatchewan. Genella and her husband Doug are avid animal lovers, knowing the gifts that animals, whether they be with fur or with scales, can bring us. She is currently working on another book concerning stress management.

Spread joy where you can, give what you can, and take care of yourself and those around you: this is the philosophy that led Genella to create Tucker Times: The Chase and Tucker Times: Seasons of Play Coloring and Activity Book, her first children's books.



Morgan Spicer, Illustrator

Morgan Spicer is a children's book illustrator and the founder of Bark Point Studio. She has also designed album covers, children's pajamas, and children's board games, and she has worked as a background and character designer for PBS Sprout's Sing It, Laurie!

She designs characters and concepts for animation while also creating custom animal art for her many Bark Point Studio fans. Morgan has created over 1,000 portraits, with a percentage of many of her commissions going to local and international animal rescue groups.


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